Intelligence tests

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The following lists the tests that have been suggested by various researchers in AGI over the years.

See Intelligence quotient.

See Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales.

See Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

See Turing Test.

See Reverse/Inverse Turing Test.

A machine is given the task of going into an average American home and figuring out how to make coffee. It has to find the coffee machine, find the coffee, add water, find a mug, and brew the coffee by pushing the proper buttons.

A machine is given the task of enrolling in a university, taking and passing the same classes that humans would, and obtaining a degree.

A machine is given the task of working an economically important job, and must perform as well or better than the level that humans perform at in the same job.

The Winograd Schema Challenge (WSC) poses a set of multiple-choice questions that have a particular form.

The trophy would not fit in the brown suitcase because it was too big (small). What was too big (small)?
Answer 0: the trophy
Answer 1: the suitcase