25 May 2019

Writing bug tickets

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  • Summary
  • Software version
  • Reproducible in latest version?
  • Environment details: compiler/interpreter, operating system, etc.
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected results
  • Actual results
  • Screen capture (if relevant)

25 May 2019

Task management

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  • Give it a title
  • Give it at least one label
  • Give it an assignee
  • Decide if it's important or not
  • Decide if it's urgent or not
  • Give a rough estimate of effort
  • Give a description if necessary
  • Set a deadline if possible
  • Set status to Unprioritized

Task creation

Task states

  • Go through the tasks in the Do section, then the Decide section, then Delegate

Use Eisenhower matrix to determine task importance/urgency

  • Tasks that are not important/not urgent are moved to the backlog
  • Tasks that are not important/urgent are delegated to someone else
  • Tasks that are important/not urgent should be scheduled
  • Tasks that are important/urgent should be done ASAP

  • Unprioritized tasks should be moved to Queued, given their priority compared to already queued tasks
  • You should attempt to keep the Unprioritized tasks count to 0
  • A task that is Queued should have a deadline date
  • Work on tasks In progress first, then take tasks from Today, then from Queued

Task processing loop

24 May 2019

Software project basics

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  • Code changes are stored in git
  • Setup continuous integration
  • Have a testing framework
  • Use dependency management
  • Define a code standard
  • Prefer function/method typing over dynamic types
  • On every push to git
    • Code quality check
    • Code style check
    • Unit/functional/integration/system tests
      • Code coverage should be recorded during tests and a report made available
  • A project repository must have a README.md explaining how to run the project on your own computer
  • A project repository must have a Relasing.md explaining how to release the code
24 May 2019

Web applications

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  • 3 different environments: development, staging, production
  • Write migrations for schema changes
  • Use ORM if possible over raw queries
  • Always make it possible for testers to report the version they tested against
    • Simplest is to have a meta field in the head section

24 May 2019

Reviewing code

History / Edit / PDF / EPUB / BIB / 1 min read (~30 words)
  • Check code implements the desired feature and that the requirements are completed
  • Check code for code style issues
  • Check code contains tests