Internal monologue

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Created: November 25, 2016 / Updated: August 9, 2017 / Status: in progress / 2 min read (~310 words)

  • Is the internal monologue inhibited when we speak?
    • Is it because it would require us to have the ability to listen to multiple voices at once, which is not something we're very good at (multitasking)?
  • What is the purpose of the internal monologue?
  • Are we passively or actively listening to our internal monologue? That is, are we just hearing it and every subsequent thought is processed subconsciously or is the fact that we can "hear" it allowing us to further process our thoughts?
  • What sort of experiments could be devised to test these questions?

  • Everyone has a voice in their head they "speak" with while they're conscious
  • Is that voice processed by the same paths that would be traversed to produce speech?
  • If so, is it possible that at one point there's a cortical structure that makes this monologue available (and is what we consider to be our "conscious monologue")?