State machines

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Created: November 1, 2015 / Updated: December 12, 2016 / Status: in progress / 2 min read (~335 words)

  • State machine or decision machine? Automatically building up and updating decision trees based on experience
  • Automated state machine builder
  • Write up about Mealy/Moore models

Memory is the construction of a finite?/nondeterministic? state machine
Thought is the process of going through the state machine
Memory (the state machine) can reconfigure itself based on input

  • Reconfigure itself how?
  • How often does it reconfigure itself?

In a sense, a state machine with probabilistic paths resembles a neural network. (resembles how? and what is different between a FSM and a NN?)
In order to process ideas quickly, the state machine must have a central node with a immense breadth so that it will easily trigger the appropriate path based on the current input. Once the input is processed, the state returns to this central node which awaits further input. This main process is basically consciousness.