Reviewing code

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Created: May 25, 2019 / Updated: July 26, 2021 / Status: draft / 2 min read (~308 words)
  • Verify that the build/tests pass
  • Read the issue title and description
  • New code
    • Understand the feature and associated requirements that are supposed to be implemented
    • Verify code implements the desired feature and that the requirements are completed
  • New/Changed code
    • Check code contains tests
      • Is all the new code covered by those tests?
    • Verify the location of new/moved files
      • Are the files in the right directory?
      • Are they appropriately named?
    • Verify classes, methods, functions, parameters naming
      • Are they significant of their purpose?
      • Are they clear enough?
      • Are they respecting the naming convention?
    • Does the code respect SOLID?
    • Consider that when functions/methods signature change, code may now be backward incompatible.
      • Discuss whether this is necessary
      • Backward incompatible changes should be documented
    • In a weak typed or type hinted language, are parameters and return of functions/methods typed?
    • Are there TODOs that should be completed within this review?
    • Check code for code style issues
  • Bug fix
    • Verify that the fix is applied at the right location and will not "fix the symptoms, not the cause"

When reviewing

  • Provide specific and actionable feedback
  • Clearly mark nitpicks and optional comments
    • Alternatively, use an approach such as RFC2219 where you indicate whether a change is a MUST, SHOULD, or MAY
  • Assume competence
  • Provide rationale or context
  • Consider how comments may be interpreted
  • Don't criticize the person, criticize the code
  • Don't use harsh language