Reading one Wikipedia article per day

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Created: February 19, 2020 / Updated: February 20, 2020 / Status: finished / 2 min read (~259 words)

What are the benefits of reading one Wikipedia article per day?

From my experience so far with reading one Wikipedia article per day, I've enjoyed learning about topics I had not looked into for a long time.

I find biology, and more specifically genetics, highly interesting from a programmer's perspective because I see DNA as code and it makes me wonder how Nature developed this code.

I also find astronomy and everything related with space (space travel, planets, organization of space) also deeply interesting because I rarely spend any time thinking about it, yet I used to watch a lot of TV shows on parallel universes, string theory, etc. which I found fascinating.

I've spent some time reading on statistics as well since it is a tool I use daily at work and I think it is important that I master it as much as possible. Wikipedia allows me to explore and discover new topics that are related to statistics, something which might be a lot more difficult to do by simply reading books.

I think that as long as you add variety in what you read, Wikipedia will provide you with a lot of information and additional references that might be interesting to investigate.