16 Nov 2019


History / Edit / PDF / EPUB / BIB / 2 min read (~376 words)
  • Keep all RFCs under a single location
  • Uniquely identify RFCs
  • Use a shared template
    • Editor: Name <email>
    • Status: Draft/Review/Approved/Abandoned/Implemented
    • Required approvers: Name <email> (why), Name <email> (why), ...
    • Approvers: Name <email> (date), Name <email> (date), ...
    • Created on: <date>
    • Updated on: <date>
    • Background
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • References: Documents/URLs that can be useful to consult
  • If a RFC is abandoned, the reasons why should be made explicit in the document

13 Jun 2019


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  • Write/prepare an agenda listing the items to be discussed
  • Indicate the duration and responsible/lead of each item
  • Share the agenda with all the attendees

  • Present the agenda
  • Designate a person that will make sure that the agenda is respected

  • Determine next actions
  • Assign responsibles for each next action

  • Create tasks in a task tracking system for the next actions

  • In the case where a recurrent meeting needs to be scheduled at a different time than usual, specify in the body of the message the reason of the change.