Weekly readings - 2024-06-09

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Created: June 14, 2024 / Updated: June 28, 2024 / Status: finished / 2 min read (~275 words)

I discovered https://www.oneusefulthing.org and ended up reading a few articles.

ChatGPT Remembers What I Tell It. It’s Now My Personal Digital Assistant!
The addition of implicit memory is an exciting move toward a more useful AI agent that knows more about you and your preferences. It'll be interesting to see how this evolves.

Experimenting with AI code review
The article is a few months old so it's hard to say if newer models have addressed the concerns of the article. The main value here will be over time to get closer to instant feedback while implementing changes instead of having to push code to get a code review.

Almost an Agent: What GPTs can do
I'm looking forward to OpenAI and other GPT providers to allow GPT creators to review their users feedback when interacting with their bot. The idea here is that a GPT is software, so it needs to evolve and adapt to new needs and requirements as well as address bugs in its behavior.

How to... have better meetings
A few good tips on having better meetings. See Meetings for my own meeting process.

Captain's log: the irreducible weirdness of prompting AIs
Prompting is weird. Over time we expect LLMs to get smarter and better at inferring our intent such that becoming good at prompting isn't a skill you shouldn't invest too much into. Until then, it's somewhat similar to knowing how to write good search engine queries.